Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old School half guard.

So I'm changing gears lately, and spending more time working from the half guard. I really think half guard is probably the most important part of the BJJ game. Too often people don't work it, and find themselves struggling there. That's not a good thing since so many transitions move through half guard.

To me, the big thing for bottom half guard is to think if it as an offensive position. I really do. I'm attacking from there, not just fighting to get back to guard, most often I'm thinking that I'm just a step away from top side control.

I'm still a big fan of the half guard game Eddie Bravo plays. The lockdown opens up SO many opportunities for me because not only does it make my opponent uncomfortable, it DESTROYS his bottom half. You can't be offensive in bottom half if you've got both shoulders on the mat. So I concentrate on getting up on my side. The easiest way for me do that is getting double underhooks, and essentially trying to throw him over my head using the lockdown and shoving him up by grabbing him by the waist. At the same time (or immediately after that) I get up to my side.

Honestly, once I'm there. I feel like I've won a sweep already. Unless my opponent can get my shoulders down to the mat, he's gunna have a really hard time resisting most sweeps. Old School is my standby. While I'm on my side, I simply grab his toes with my bottom hand, pull towards me while driving him over with shoulder. If I keep his leg hooked as I drive through, I can control his near leg and prevent him from catching me in his half guard as I complete the sweep.

I'm really enjoying working my half guard, because so much happens there that is so fundamental to BJJ that makes a lot of the game more clear for me.

Anyway... Can't wait to train this week. Plan on working some sweeps where I'm not able to get to my side, hopefully I have some success and blog it!


Happy Rolling,

The Geek in a Gi